Chaos as aesthetic experience

During the first edition of the Festival the students affiliated to Artistic and Cinematographic appreciation had the chance to think about the creation of alternative spaces to exhibit their productions out of the classroom. 

Diverse themes have been developed throughout history of the Festival. Firstly, “Chaos as aesthetic experience” was conceived as the curatorial and thematic element which led the first audiovisual and artistic exhibition. A questioning has been posed related to the use of video with a creative purpose, exhibitions design and presentation of artworks in non-conventional spaces. 

The main referents of the first edition were in terms of national production; a research presentation of the father of video art in Colombia, Gilles Charalambos with his rigorous work Aproximación al video arte en Colombia. We have stared carefully at  the development of the video-sculpture production from Wolf Vostell and Nam June Paik.

The audiovisual products presented in the exhibition should have been involved into experimental, anti-narrative and poetical exploration logics closely related with experimental cinema, video-art, music video clips, video-sculptures, digital animation, argument lines and documentaries.