Medellín In Short Film. International Cinema and Art Festival. 2021

Sixth edition. Human rights, conflict, and post-conflict on artistic and audiovisual narratives




8.30 a.m. - 9.00 a.m. Welcome and opening to the 6th Edition Edition of Medellín In Short Film, International Film and Arts Festival. 



9.00 a.m. – 10.30 a.m. Cinema-forum “Caminata por la memoria”  


María Andrea Rocha Solano. Educational projects coordinator in Colombia from Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. 

Redconciliar. Claudia Patricia Aristizábal.

Caribe Afirmativo. Director: Wilson Castañeda.

With the contributions from Cristian Cudriz, Merly Robles Rodríguez, Yeisyl Mariana Nuñez Garcia, Alanys Charlot Zuluaga Duque, Anlli Yulieth Atehortua Giraldo and Maria Valentina Giraldo Montes.

























“Caminata por la memoria” is an educational program from Anne Frank’s house which aims to involve young people in the reflection and discussion on how we remember past events by analyzing and reflecting on monuments and memorials in their surroundings. This process has involved the creation of videos in which different interpretations about monuments are explored. 


The creation of “Caminata por la Memoria” videos, aims to propitiate discussions among young people on the ways how the past is commemorated, as well as multiple narratives sometimes opposed and how monuments may represent the result of discussions and agreements. The video creation promotes the discussion about the value and appropriation of monuments, as well as an opportunity in which young people may have the chance to create their own historical short film, get connected, know, and engage with the history of their city.


The Anne Frank House





Anne Frank’s house mission is to promote Anne Frank’s history and her context. This mission is performed by the Museum, itinerant exhibitions as well as publications. Our main purpose is to encourage young people to reflect about the harms of antisemitism, racism, discrimination as well as the relevance of liberty, equality of rights and democracy. Peer-teaching is one of the foundations of our work. 


Caribe Afirmativo









With 12 years of creation, Caribe Afirmativo was born of September 30th, 2009 as a Civil society, non-profit organization which works towards the recognition of rights, justice access and full citizenship recognition to LGBTI community. Their main organizational principles are intersubjectivity, human rights, gender and diversity, social justice, plurality, strengthen the social state under the rule of law considering a territory perspective as well as the construction of the region. Five main concept lines such as armed conflict and peace, community work, justice access, migrations, human mobility, and equality pedagogy by which we connect with the citizen who get involved in the organization processes.


Peace houses



Peace houses are spaces that allow LGBTI population overcome the affectations suffered due to armed conflict due to their sexual orientation, identity, and diverse gender expression. These spaces seek to influence territories, communities, society as well as the state through art as well as the cultural emergent expressions towards social inclusion and sexual diversity recognition. 


Redconciliar. Corporation towards the development of reconciliation and reparation.

For more than a decade this organization has been committed with the reestablishment of the victims’ rights and the reconstruction of social fabric in San Carlos, Antioquia municipality. Their work aims to provide advisory, and accompaniment to the armed conflict victims, specially to the ones from forced disappearance by providing psychosocial and law advisory to fulfill a complete reparation and the reestablishment of their rights. 


Furthermore, it develops collective memory construction actions which provide social and political relevance that aim to make visible what has happened and avoid its repetition. San Carlos is located at the east of Antioquia. It is famous due to its dams and hydroelectric plants which have generated multiple social and environmental problems, also there was one of the hardest episodes of war due to slaughters, forced disappearances, kidnappings and other violent acts which were perpetrated by illegal armed actors.

Redconciliar has fostered the peace pedagogy in educational institutions since the recreation of what has occurred in the municipality, to advance in the rehabilitation of the social fabric and the stimulation of human rights and peace activism.


Short film screening

Title: Los colores de mi alma

San Carlos, Antioquia

Duration: 6 minutes



The mural “Los colores de mi alma” narrates San Carlos history from the first inhabitants until today. The transformation of life forms through the first life forms by the disruption of energy mega projects and the construction of hydroelectric plants. With this mural young people explored how it represents San Carlos’ history, how the hydroelectric plants construction influenced the armed conflict as well as how we can teach, and remember San Carlos’ history in the present. 




Title: Flores para la paz

San Carlos, Antioquia


Duration: 8 minutes




Jardin’s memorial monuments assert how a town can evidence all their suffering and manage the past after living the most violent experiences. It reminds the community the victimization cycles suffered, but mostly recognizes their ability to resist and overcome the most atrocious violence experiences. In the interviews presented, youngsters explore current meanings of this monument and its potential towards the contribution of the reparation of the victims from the armed conflict.



Title: Estamos aquí


Caribe Afirmativo

Duratión: 12 minutos




This video about an inexistent monument makes visible the LGBTIQ+ victims who have been subject of violence from every actor in the armed conflict and there is a question on why said monuments to commemorate them do not exist in Barranquilla city. The video points on how society’s prejudices are related with the few relevance given to the violence suffered by this community in the armed conflict framework. 



Title: Abanico de mano

Soledad, Atlántico

Caribe Afirmativo

Duration: 12 minutes



By 2011 legal sentence from the Peace and Justice Court from Bogotá against Édgar Ignacio Fierro Flórez, member of Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, it was determined that included in the integral reparation to victims, there must be proper memorial monuments in the municipalities mentioned in the sentence. where the violent acts took place. The traditional fan is representative from Soledad municipality and it honors the victims of forced displacement. In the video, the youngsters explore how this monument contributes to the victims’ reparation. 

Wednesday April 28th, 2021

Cinema-forum Human rights on audiovisual narratives 

Logo caribe-01 (1) (1).png

2.00 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. Cine – Forum with  SentARTE. Arte con sentido


Olowaili Green Santacruz

Juan Esteban Díaz Puerta

Laura Rave Escalante




SentARTE - Arte con sentido is a film production and cultural management company located in Medellín and Bogotá, which works making visible diversities towards their recognition as part of a pluricultural society, their social integration and cultural protection. SentArte develops different activities under co-creation models made under authentic views on diverse Colombian populations.


Olowaili Green Santacruz.











Audiovisual producer. I am a GunaDule indigenous woman from the Caiman Nuevo community – Urabá Antioqueño. I have lived in Medellín city since I was 7 years old. Since 2015 I work as audiovisual artist and cultural manager at SentArte -Arte con sentidos, an enterprise in which I have been working towards visibility, social integration, and cultural protection, especially of my culture as well as other diverse cultures with significant results and national and international recognitions.


Juan Esteban Díaz Puerta










I am an audiovisual producer, entrepreneur and co creator of SentARTE - Arte con sentido, in which we have been working on cultural management with a strong emphasis on audiovisual regarding make visible diversities to spread their knowledge and recognition in our pluricultural background, as well as their social integration and cultural protection. I have experience in different social, artistic, and cultural processes; I have been a teacher in cinema and gender processes with diverse populations; I have also conducted workshops on social and cultural processes towards the visibility of indigenous diversities in Antioquia. 


Laura Rave Escalante




















I am an audiovisual communicator from Medellín. Currently working with SentARTE - Arte con sentido since 2019 in the cocreation of audiovisual pieces and projects contributing to the resignification of indigenous and diverse populations rights in our country. I have participated in formative processes related to gender, diversities, and memory; I am motivated about the idea that with my work I can contribute to the construction of spaces with more inclusion. Writing and photography have allowed me to approach context and realities silenced by our society, bearing in mind that these tools are powerful in the fight for diverse populations’ rights. 


Title: Mugan boe. El llanto de las abuelas

SentARTE – Arte con sentido

Animated short film

Duration: 3´58¨ minutes


Mugan boe. El llanto de las abuelas are Gunadule’s melodies accompanied by dance in the middle of chords that remind their grandfathers and grandmothers. This animated short produced by SentARTE - Arte con sentido for the Corpografías project from the University of Antioquia and the Royal Holloway University of London, narrated the consequences of Spanish invasion for the Gunadule people and how through dance cry and remember the lost that this occurrence left in their population. 



Title: Galu dugbis. La memoria de las abuelas

SentARTE – Arte con sentido

Short documentary

Duration: 9´16¨ minutos


The Dule ome - Woman Dule is vital for Guna Dule people. By the knitting process of the Mola, she presents the wisdom of the ancestors by the presentation of the universe layers and is transmitted from generation to generation so culture may survive. In Galu dugbis. Grandmothers’ memory, sacred chants depict the journey and construction process of a Mola and how by three generations women decide to knot so they will not forget who they are and where the Guna Dule women. This short film was produced by SentARTE - Arte con sentido and makes part of the first season of the series “El buen vivir'' nominated on its first version to the India Catalina Awards.






Title: Wounmainkat - Negwebul. Me quedo en mi territorio

SentARTE – Arte con sentido

Podcast micro-series and animated videos

Duration: 9´16¨ minutes


Through narratives and drawings, children from Gunadule and Wayuu indigenous people tell us how the COVID-19 headed to their territories, their feelings, fears, and new ways of living in the middle of pandemic. In this micropodcasts series and short animated videos produced by SentARTE - Arte con sentido with the contribution of Shinyak Kashikai collective in the Guajira and Urabá Antioqueño territories, it provides beautiful messages in the voices in illustrations of their protagonists. 




Title: Queremos morir de viejos.

SentARTE – Arte con sentido

Short documentary

Duration: 23´12¨ minutes



Queremos morir de viejos is a documentary produced by por SentARTE - Arte con sentido for the OIA - Organización Indígena de Antioquia (Indigenous Organization of Colombia) y la CEV - Comisión para el Esclarecimiento de la Verdad, la Convivencia y la No Repetición (Commission to clarify truth, convivence and no-repetition). Antioquia Indigenous populations narrate their processes of historical resistance as well as the most emblematic violence cases in they have been victims.

Olowaili Green Santacruz.JPG
JuanEs Díaz Puerta.CR2


8.30 a.m. a 9.00 a.m.

Conversation: Music and revolution! 

Presenter: Gianni Christoupoulos. 





















In this conversation, the main purpose is to understand and reflect on what revolution means in the history of humankind, as well as the different musical expressions which have fostered a wide range of cultural, social and political transformations. The role of music in revolution is an undeniable fact that has marked the history of political ideas, nonetheless new motivations are coming and undoubtely these creations are constantly shaping different political speeches in society and culture all over the world.


Born in Lamia Greece, Theologist from the National Athens University, and political scientist as well as historian from the Panteion University. Then finished studies in the National Athens Conservatory and a specialization in documentary cinema. He has also experience as drama and documentary production teacher in the Municipality theater of Lamia and in the Municipality School of Art; he is author of 7 drama works and 15 music pieces of percussion and chamber music. Works as an activist for students’ rights and  volunteer music professor for students with low economic resources.


9.00 a.m. a 9.45 a.m.

Title of the presentation: Entendiendo el terror.

Presenter: Magda Catalina Jiménez.





























In this time, we will reflect on questions such as What is violence? Under what sort of governments does it take place? What types of violence exist? In this context we will discover the multiple ways in which horror is evidenced in history by artistic creation, which has become in a mirror to have a look at horror. Conversely art becomes a catalyzer of violence and in a unique chance to diminish it.


Historian from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and M.A. in Latin American Studies at Salamanca University (Spain). She has also performed as Director of the Andean Observatory from Sergio Arboleda University and NGO advisor in human rights and participation. Is Regional Consultant for IDD Lat and the Project Varieties of Democracy V-dem organized by the Political Science department from Gotemburg Universiy in Sweden; And Kellog Institute from the Notre Dame University USA. She has written book chapters and articles in international magazines in topics related to social movements, accountability, and political participation. Currently is a teacher researcher in the Government, Finances, and International relationships Faculty at University Externado de Colombia. 


9.45 a.m. a 10.30 a.m.

Title of the presentation: Conjuros de Paz: acciones de memoria sobre la desaparición forzada en Colombia y México

Ponente: Astrid Suárez Álvarez. 

Art has nurtured the possibilitie

















Art has nurtured the possibilities of symbolic reparation to the victims from forced disappearance in Colombia and México. Artistic creations may be conceived as peace spells, this means new ways to avoid the jinx left by war regarding walking to new future peace visions. This has led me to assert a link among art and magic: Both propose practices which allow pain management and provide a life sense. Understanding the connection of art, magic and trauma in these creations may contribute to thinking about their effects upon the public sphere in our countries. 



Student at the Arts and Design  from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. B.A. in Plastic Arts from the National University of Colombia (Medellín) Political Scientist from University of Antioquia, Transmedia communication from EAFIT university. She has worked on social intervention processes in citizenship political training and community intervention at Medellín communes and Antioquia municipalities as well leading processes of social appropriation of knowledge, transmedia communication and art studies related to invisible borders, identity recognition and the effects of violence in everyday life. 


10.30 a.m. a 11.10 a.m.

Title of the presentation: Una experiencia de transformación del espacio público a través del arte.

Presenter: Betty Cárdenas. Corporación Artística and Cultural Alas de Mariposa. 


















The corporation is a non-profit entity, independent and non-governmental which seeks to contribute to raise awareness on individuals about the value of others as well as the relevance of public space appropriation to increment individual and collective security calling people to social, cultural and artistic meetings in the parks of their neighborhoods. As an example, our activities are performed at the Parque de la Bailarina Isabel Cristina Restrepo Cárdenas. 


In July 2008, Alas de mariposa started to perform Arte sentido, arte con sentido at the old  Astorga park at El Poblado neighborhood in Medellín city, in which artists and friends met once a month to share art with the community in different disciplines.


With classical dance, drama, music, performances, flashmobs, literature as well as photography and painting exhibitions among others, have succeeded to recover the park from abandonment by changing its appearance and name. This park is now called Parque de la Bailarina Isabel Cristina Restrepo Cárdenas, conversely it has raised a sense of community and appropriation towards this space which belongs to them.

2.00 p.m. – 2.50 p.m.

Title of the presentation: Niños y jóvenes en el cine: realidades que se cuentan rodando

Presenter: Johan David Ríos Ruiz. Corporación Trama.












With our formative workshops which make part of the schedule of Trama Fest, we started 2014 offering workshops in every commune and village all over Medellín city and fostered by the program Comuna Innova from Coorporación Ruta N. We led 20 workshops in 12 Educational Parks in Antioquia for Culture and Patrimony Institute in 2015.  Hence, we have participated in events such as Festival de Cine Comunitario de la Comuna 13, Encuentro nacional de aulas de la Fundación Telefónica, III Festival de Cine de Ituango, Festival Itinerante de Artes Audiovisuales FIDAAC and Festival de Cine de Santa Fe de Antioquia. During 2016 and 2017 we worked on photography workshops, stop motion, writing and audiovisual creation with 100 high school students, members of Club Juvenil del Aeropuerto Olaya Herrera de Medellín.

During 2017 we supported the process of creation and production of three documentaries in the project Medellín es Memoria Viva from Museo Casa de la Memoria. We also offer creation and cinema appreciation workshops with the Cinemateca Municipal de Medellín. We have participated in el Festival de Cine de Jardín and Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias. In 2019, we had a movie experience with young students at the Escuela Veracruzana de Cine Luis Buñuel in Xalapa, Mexico. Furthermore in 2020 we had the chance to teach several online workshops with the Ministry of Culture with the project Tejiendo Historias. Conversely, we oversaw the component of audiovisual formative process during the Festival de Cine Libre de Fredonia. 


Social Communicator from the Catholic University Luis Amigo. Has performed workshops for Trama for more than 5 years, creating stories with children and youth from different places of the country. Coordinator of the traditional Cinema Festival Trama fest and the creation of Red Trama with young people interested in audiovisual all over the country. Has had the chance to work in institutions such as Centro Colombo Americano. Olaya Herrera Airport, Teleantioquia, Fundación EPM among others. Currently studying a transmedia specialization.


2.50 p.m. a 3.30 p.m.

Title of the presentation: La experiencia artística como espacio de memoria y reivindicación humana.
















Presenter: Clemencia Isaza Hernández. Programa de Resocialización del Sistema de Habitante de Calle de la Alcaldía de Medellín.

A look at the different languages from plastic arts that have allowed the access to an aesthetic and sensitive experience which supports significantly the revindication of dignity as well as the reestablishment of rights in citizens who take part of Programa de Resocialización del Sistema de Habitante de Calle de la Ciudad de Medellín. 


Photographer and painter, dedicated for more than 10 years to arts teaching with diverse communities in vulnerable situations. Has performed photography series which narrate body as a narrative of feminine stories.


3.30 p.m. – 4.10 p.m.

Title of the presentation: Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica de Colombia y el Museo de Memoria de Colombia

Presenter: Fabio Enrique Bernal Carvajal.

Technical director at Museo de Memoria de Colombia. Lawyer and conciliator, industrial designer specialized in object, city and culture, M.A. in Museology and Patrimonial Management. Fourteen years of experience in the development of curatorial scripts and museography design elements as a support to cultural and social processes considering memory perspective as a fundamental right. Experienced in research with the Art Museum of the National University of Colombia. With the Fundación Visiva worked as a Coordinator of the Venice Biennale in Bogotá for 2008 and 2010 editions, due to this process the teamwork in which he made part was awarded with the prize Amor por Bogotá. Also developed research projects and participated in the general implementation of museography processes at Venice Museum.

Thursday April 29th, 2021 

Academic seminar in Human Rights, conflict and post-conflict on artistic and audiovisual narratives.

Gianni Christoupoulos.png
Catalina 1.png
Astri Suárez Casa Frida Khalo_20190119_j
DSCF0788 1.jpg
Johan 2.png


8.30 a.m. a 9.10 a.m.

Title of the presentation: Museo temático como recurso de lucha por los DDHH de las mujeres.    

Presenter: Graciela Noemí Tejero Coni.    

We are sharing the acquired experience from many years of interdisciplinary work from the Women Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a private institution and some reflections upon the relationships between feminism, art, and history. Particularly, the value of art as an act pf feminist pedagogy and the resource of museography script as a guide to social transformation of the relationships of patriarchy power and the recognition of women’s human rights.


Feminist, Historian, Social militant, and politician since the decade of 70. Currently, Director of the Women’s Museum of Argentina, CABA, Argentina and Member of The National Advisory Council of Women, Gender and Diversity in Argentina. Researcher in education and gender topics. Has published books and articles in national and international specialized magazines. Professor and academic guest in national universities. Founder of the first teaching specialization on Integral Sexual Education, Ministry of Education GCBA.Member of the Organization Commission of the National Women’s meeting at Federal Capital (1986/96) Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Network of Women’s Museums (2008/12) and co-founder of the IAWM (International Association Women ́s Museum).


9.10 a.m. – 9.50 a.m.

Title of the presentation: La Primavera Rosa: narrativas transmedia para el empoderamiento de la comunidad LGBTI global.   

Presenters: Mario de la Torre y Rafael Linares.

Transmedia narratives, as stated widely by Robert Pratten, have an essential participative component which should be promoted in every product of the generated franchise. Therefore, activism has been seen as a great opportunity to perform their discourses seeking that transmediality contributes decisively to social mobilization. La Primavera Rosa is a transmedia project composed of 5 documentary movies, a website, social media, drama, exhibitions, academic monographies, journalistic spaces, etc. trying to denounce physical and symbolic violence made on LGBTI populations by states and populations worldwide.  


Nomination to best documentary short film Premios Goya.


Mario de la Torre

Mario de la Torre Espinosa is a PhD in Literature and Art Theory and Comparative Literature from Granada University. Has been honorary assistant at the Department of Spanish Language, Linguistics and Literature theory from The University of Sevilla, professor at the M.A. of Documentary and New Media from the Rey Juan Carlos University and the undergraduate of Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid.


His research lines are centered in comparative literature, Spanish drama and film studies.



Winner of the VII Essay Context of Korean Literature from Málaga University with the work Literatura y espacio doméstico: el universo femenino a través de los objetos. Has published articles in academic magazines such as Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Espéculo: Revista de Estudios Literarios, Telón de fondo: revista de teoría y crítica teatral, 452º Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada o Ética & Cine Journal.


Has been awarded with the research scholarship Förderlinie from Heidelberg University, another one from Observatorio Cultural Atalaya from Cádiz University, as well as a postdoctoral fellowship Erasmus Plus. Conversely, complements his research activity with filmmaking and cinema production. With “Hacia una primavera rosa”, has opened the format documentary book in Spanish and gets nominated one again to Premios Goya. Has also performed as cinema critic and the magazine Version Original.


Debuted with the short film “Chocolate con Churros” (2006), awarded with the prize New Arrivals from Rotterdam Festival. With the documentary Harraga (2008) was nominated to Premios Goya. La Condena (2009) was edited in the colección Filmoteca FNAC and selected in festivals worldwide. Hambre (2012), his last work, has participated in Festivals such as Sitges, Odense or Gijón.


Rafael Linares





Phd in Information Sciences at the Rey Juan Carlos University from Madrid with the dissertation El uso del marketing cinematográfico en la industria del cine español. Project awarded with research support provided by la Fundación Autor – Sociedad General de Autores 2006 and Premio Extraordinario del Departamento de Comunicación I 2009 from the URJC. Has also studied an MBA, M.A. Executive in Companies Management at the MEGEC company, Navarra University and IESE, where his business project was awarded with the honor’s mention.


Bachelor in Audiovisual communication from the Complutense University of Madrid and Multimedia Communication Technician from the Francisco de Vitoria University. Currently professor at the University Rey Juan Carlos, has been Vice-dean of Practicum at the Social Communication Faculty (2010-14). His labour has been related with production teams in TV, cinema and overall advertising where has worked as production manager in different spots nationally and internationally. Is also founder and producer in Creta Producciones S.L. in which has performed different projects awarded with subventions as well as national and international awards.


Has been nominated to Premios Goya in three times for the documentary Harraga. A filmmaker in La Codorniz and Primavera rosa in Mexico, he is also author of the book “La promoción cinematográfica. Estrategias de promoción y distribución de películas y marketing cinematográfico” among other publications.


He has participated in different professional courses for national and international associations for companies focused on transmedia and audiovisual marketing. Specialties. Transmedia, Social TV, audiovisual marketing, cinema distribution, DIY distribution and PMD productor.


10.00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.

Title of the presentation: El barrio como catalizador: A conversation with Alcolirykoz and the photographer Julián Gaviria.

Presenters: Alcolirycoz, Julián Gaviria and Gilmer Mesa

Gilmer Mesa will lead a conversation with the rap group and the photographer Julián Gaviria about their artistic activity as well as the way on how some topics of vital importance related to our current political, ethical and cultural context and the ways their works narrate themes such as human rights, post-conflict and historical memory, responding to their pulses as creators, inhabitants of the city and friends. 



Alcolirykoz has áparticipated in the most representative music projects and festivals of the country such as Festival Altavoz from Medellín in different versions: in 2010 in the classificatory, 2012 on International scenario and during the 2014 as national guests for the Festival. Otherwise they have shared scenarios with artists such as Method Man, Manu Chao, Morodo, Cancerbero, among others.


Equally they have participated in the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro as shock artist. Also in huge concert events such as  Radiónica; Festival Centro; Stereo Picnic and convivencia Rock; Manu Chao Concert in Medellín 2015; Flower fair Músicas del mundo 2015; La matraca 10 AñoZ AlcolirykoZ (Medellín 2015); 10 AñoZ Alcolirykoz (Bucaramanga 2015); BreakFest (Medellín 2015); Primer Festival Samaria Urbana (Santa Marta 2015); XIX Festival Hip Hop al Parque (Bogotá 2015); Kase O Jazz Magnetism (Bogotá 2015); Mexico Tour (2016); Concierto de la juventud (Medellín 2016) - Festival ALMAX (Bogotá 2016). USA tour (Festival SXSW 2017). Alcolirykoz N.A.D.A como en casa (Medellín 2017). Launch of their album Servicios AmbulatorioZ (Medellín 2017).


Contribution in  Nadaísmo en todas partes. V Festival Internacional Nadaista (Medellín 2018).  Album launch Servicios AmbulatorioZ (Bogotá 2018). Final Nacional Redbul Batalla de Gallos (Bogotá 2018). Web series with Canal Tr3ce Una deuda con la historia (2018). Parque Cultural Nocturno Feria de Flores (Medellín 2018). Carnaval Fest (Medellín 2018). Concert to celebrate the 11 years of their first record En letras mayúsculas celebrated at Universidad de Medellín Theater (2018) and at Jorge Eliecer Gaitán theater (Bogotá 2019) both sold out.  On last October 4th and 5th El 4 y 5 de Octubre de 2019 performed a concert with Antioquia Symphonic Orchestra, both sold out to ratify the position of the band in the country.


The band has positioned songs in Radionica, the most important music independent radio station of the country. During 2016 they were awarded with a Shock prize of music in the category best artist or hip-hop group. Thanks to their career path work and recognition during 2017, they were cover at Rolling Stone magazine, one of the press media more prestigious at international level. On December 14th 2019 launched their first edition of their own festival called “The ritual fest” with 200o people and Henry Fiol (Salsa artist) heading the group, seeking to enforce and foster the rap scene in Medellín.





Gilmer Mesa















Gilmer Mesa was born in 1978., Studied Philosophy at Pontificia Bolivariana University in Medellín city, since 2007 has worked on teaching in different universities of the city; currently teaching politics and geopolitics at UPB. At EAFIT University works with the group Semillero Maestro. Also has worked as producer and radio host at cultural radio shows about popular music. Has published the novel “La Cuadra” under the editorial Penguin Random House and awarded in the XII concurso de novela y cuento de la Cámara de Comercio de Medellín para Antioquia 2015. Also is the author of the tale Año nuevo, which makes part of the collection of Colombian tales “Puñalada trapera” from Rey Naranjo publishing house and the volume Resiliencia of the Comisión para el esclarecimiento de la verdad, la Convivencia y la no repetición 2020. Author of articles and other publications for different magazines such as Cronopios, Aurora Boreal, Arcadia, and some Internet websites.


Julián Gaviria

Photographer from Yurupary Academy with Specialization in advertising photography at Foto Design school (Buenos Aires- Argentina) and a Fashion photography postgraduate from the same institution. Teacher since 2004 in fashion photography, portrait, and illumination on different institutions from Medellin city. Creator of the photography program for the Make-up specialization ay Make up academy and teacher (2014-2016).


Lecturer in different versions of the Encuentro Colombiano de Fotografía and in the Photography Festival at Santa fe de Antioquia. Director and photography editor for three photography books. Has been a jury at four photography contests. Curator and workshop leader at the Ojos que ven corazones que sienten with the European Union.


His work on musician’s portraiture is portrayed in 42 discography productions, also has participated as art director in 28 of them, also has been the professional photographer for renowned members from the New York philharmonic orchestra and other musicians of international recognition. Currently has been awarded with three international prizes. A few years ago, he got involved in motion pictures by directing music video clips and TV advertisements. At the beginning of 2020 directed his first film which soon will be launched on national distribution, At the beginning of 2021 directed a Netflix Special to be released next semester.


1.30 p.m. – 2.10 p.m.

Title of the presentation: El Museo de la Mujer en México 

Presenter: Patricia Galeana.













An overview of the Woman Museum will be presented considering its origin, museography background and a historical review with gender perspective since the prehispanic times towards current times. Otherwise, the online activities performed during the outbreak as well as the social projection of the museum will be introduced.


UNAM historian and teacher, professor at foreign universities such as Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Externado de Colombia and  Universidad de California EUA. Also has directed ten institutions such as the Archivo Histórico Diplomático “Genaro Estrada” from the SRE; el Archivo General de la Nación; Instituto Nacional de Estudios Históricos de las Revoluciones de México (INEHRM). Worked as Ambassador of Mexico in Colombia. Author of 15 books; 104 book chapters, coordinator of 326 artworks and author of 70 prologues of political, diplomacy and gender history. Founder and president of Federación Mexicana de Universitarias A.C. curator and director from the Women Museum. Has been awarded with Medalla al Mérito Ciudadano in 2011granted by the Law Assembly from the Federal District Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal due to her work to favour women’s human rights. 


Friday, April 30th 2021 

Academic seminar on human rights, conflict, and post-conflict in artistic and audiovisual narratives.

Friday, April 30th 2021 

Cinema forum on human rights, conflict, and post-conflict in artistic and audiovisual narratives. (second part)

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2.00 3.30 p.m. Cinema forum with BARRIO ADENTRO FILMS


Sara Sánchez Dantiva

Juan Aristizábal


BARRIO ADENTRO FILMS is an film production company located in Medellín which generates communication, social, digital graphic and multimedia strategies under a community approach for multilateral sectors to consolidate a human, technical and community groups of wide recognition and positioned as a creative production company.


BARRIO ADENTRO FILMS provides formative, communicative, informative, cultural and social processes of social transformation, specially in the commune 5 ( Castilla) promoting pacific convivence and the respect of human rights, human dignity, non-violent vindications to support minorities of emerging social groups.


In the fusion and integration of their social and creative lines, Barrio Adentro is considered as a medium top ensure advances in democratization and knowledge as well as the right to participate based on communication for social transformation, enhancing citizenship intervention from the inhabitants from Commune 5- Castilla; considering different expression possibilities for new cinema creators and community TV, information and communication technologies ICT, documentalists , script-makers and other population by educational formative groups to provide access to those who cannot have access.


Juan Aristizábal

Juan Aristizábal is an audiovisual producer, photographer and alternative communicator exploring the realities of territories through cinema by portraying the diversity of Colombian spaces highlighting Medellin neighbourhoods. His productions portray a captivating sensibility with its contents, narratives and aesthetics in order to foster their production company BARRIO ADENTRO FILMS, presenting a growing teamwork and diffusion impact.


Sara Sánchez Dantiva




























Considers herself as a professional psychologist,  hearted pedagogist and humanist with conviction. Has experience as cultural and social manager for more than 10 years in the private and public sectors ; has dedicated her whole life to processes and projects with communities. Co-founder of several social, cultural and research organizations at the commune 5 Castilla such as Festival Audiovisual Sin Fronteras (FASF), Colaboratorio 5 among others.


Projection of short films:

Title: Ojos que no ven

Medellín, Antioquia

Barrio Adentro Films

Short documentary

Directed by: Juan Aristizábal and Andrés Usuga


Short documentary related to the issue of ESCNNA (Explotación Sexual de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes) sexual exploitation of children and youth in Medellín city, specially in Commune 10 . Candelaria mostly known as the commercial center of Medellín city, in said place convey different human rights vulnerations, also is the commune with the highest homicide rate in the city: extorsions, rape and harrassment suffered by children and youth. A hard reality that presents the victims’ nuances, the feelings of civil society as well as the institutional actions.



Title: Entre murallas

Medellín, Antioquia

Barrio Adentro Films

Short film

Directed by: Juan Aristizábal



Jesus and his older sister run away from home, placed in one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Cartagena city leading to overcome hard situations and fall in a human trafficking and micro trafficking network.


3.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Cinema forum with  Corporación La Rueda Flotante. Arte sordo y ciego.

Sensorial audiovisual narratives 


Juan Diego Zuluaga Gallego.










Las formas del día. was the winner project from the Estímulos para el Arte y la Cultura 2020, call, held by  Secretaría de Cultura Ciudadana de Medellín as well as Enfoque Diferencial 2020 call , released by Instituto de Cultura y Patrimonio de Antioquia.


Juan Diego Zuluaga Gallego.

Theater artist with more than 18 years of experience. Playwright and M.A. in Aesthetics from the National University of Colombia  and teacher at the Arts School from Salazar y Herrera University. director of  Corporación La Rueda Flotante. Arte sordo y ciego


Proyección de cortometraje:

Title: Los límites del mundo. Chapter 1. From the web documentary series  Las formas del día

Medellín, Antioquia

Corporación La Rueda Flotante. Arte sordo y ciego

Directed by: Juan Diego Zuluaga Gallego.


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