digital art and transmedia narratives

During the fourth edition, the curatorial theme of Medellin In Short Film was involved within digital arts and transmedia narratives. The Festival generated its first links with external public, considering a wide participation of students from different Universities of Medellín as well as artistic collectives and community audiovisual productors. 

The University and the Festival go out to the city by creating a public call for university students, emergent artists, audiovisual producers, and independent art collectives from all over Antioquia. In this fourth edition of Medellín In Short Film we had the chance to count on new spaces to make an academic seminar at Centro Colombo Americano related to digital arts and Transmedia narratives and had the participation of national and international lecturers.

On the other hand, we had the participation of the professor and digital artist Jaime Betancur Sánchez who provided us a theoretical and practical video creation workshop in real time and including automated learning. The workshop aimed to become a tool towards the mediation and comprehension on how visual culture has turned dramatically during the last decade, due to the advent of technology accessibility for the development of video installation and video mappings as new formats of artistic exhibition. 

Conversely, we had the participation of students from Catholic University Luis Amigó, national and international artistic collectives as well as independent artists for the opening of the artistic exhibition which took place at the Contemporary Art Gallery Paul Bardwell and the academic seminar of digital art and transmedia storytelling at the Centro Colombo Americano. On the other hand, a cinema and audiovisual exhibition and cinema -forum which had taken place at the Lido Theater with the participation of the Theater Company Los Improducktivos.