Main objective

Foster the production and communication of artistic and audiovisual works created by the students of the Communication, Advertising and Design and including the Bachelor in English Teaching from the Luis Amigo Catholic University, towards the development of expanded curatorial projects which involve students, artistic collectives, artists, and the public interested on audiovisual and artistic production.

Specific Objectives

  • Develop themed museography and curatorial processes every year, to impact positively in the creation and communication of audiovisual and artistic content.

  • Strengthen the Festival inside the University community as an academic space as well as artistic and audiovisual production in dialog with the city.

  • Create a bilingual website as a repository of the best works presented by the students in the audiovisual and expression components, as well as some subjects from the Bachelor of Language teaching by creating an interactive virtual Museum of the Festival.

  • Create a collaborative network to connect students with cultural institutions, cultural companies, museums, academic institutions, audiovisual and artistic collectives.

  • Foster the use of foreign languages by experimentation with arts and audiovisual to endorse internationalization and cultural exchange.